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Sera Cremonini

Associate Professor, Department of Physics

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My Work

I am a theoretical particle physicist, trained in the field of string theory. Throughout my career I have worked on a variety of aspects of quantum gravity, quantum field theory and early universe cosmology. 

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My current research focuses on the holographic gauge/gravity duality, which gives us a window into the microscopic structure of spacetime and new techniques to probe quantum phases of matter that are strongly interacting.
My work is funded by the National Science Foundation as well as Lehigh University.

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Scientific Publications

For my publications see Google Scholar or INSPIRE:

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Media and General Articles

You can find links to public lectures and popular articles related to my work here (under construction).

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Teaching and Mentoring


​I teach courses across all levels, from freshman seminars to graduate classes:

  • Mathematical Methods (PHY 428, graduate level course on standard mathematical methods for physicists)

  • Relativity and Cosmology (PHY 342, General Relativity course for upper level undergraduates and beginning graduate students)

  • Introduction to String Theory (PHY 366, quantum mechanics-based course for upper level undergraduates and beginning graduate students)

  • Freshman Seminar "From Black Holes to Strings: The Early Universe and the Nature of Space-Time" (PHY 90)

  • Independent studies on Quantum Field Theory and String Theory (seniors and beginning graduate students)


One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is mentoring and training students and junior scientists. It is fulfilling to be able to provide guidance and help them build the skills they need to reach their goals. At Lehigh I have mentored a number of graduate students, postdocs and undergraduates (including through Lehigh's NSF-funded REU program). 

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Get in Touch

417 Deming Lewis Lab
Department of Physics 
16 Memorial Drive East
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Office Phone: +1 (610) 758-3924

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